The Tasmanian Volunteer Fire Brigades Association (TVFBA)

Formed in the early 70’s under the auspice of the Rural Fires Board of Tasmania.

Over the years since its formation, the TVFBA has changed its title to reflect the subsequent changes as the Tasmania Fire Service moved forward to become a single state fire authority.

The TVFBA provides support for volunteer fire brigade members in all aspects of firefighting and volunteerism within the State of Tasmania.

The TVFBA jointly administers the Tasmanian Volunteer Firefighters Awards Framework, an organization established to both administer, approve and present the TFS Volunteer Medal.

The roles of the Association are:

  • to promote and represent the body of members of the Association and to advance and support their interests, wellbeing and ongoing skills development;
  • to increase participation of the members in the core business of the Association;
  • to support the passage of legislation that assists members and their brigades in all aspects of operational or welfare related matters;
  • to cooperate with other organisations having kindred interests;
  • to actively pursue the aims and goals of the Strategic Plan of the Association; and to provide representation on the State Fire Commission as provided for in the Fire Service Act and on other state committees as appropriate.For more information: