The Northern Territory Bushfire Volunteers Association

Formed in September 1993 and Incorporated in 1995 to give Bushfire Volunteers a voice in matters relating to their safety and welfare.

The Association’s main objects and purposes are to:

  • Promote and assist with the safety and welfare of Bushfire Volunteers within the Northern Territory
  • Promote awareness, interest and discussion by whatever means in fire prevention and suppression and all matters affecting the interests, safety and welfare of the Volunteers and Affiliated Brigades

Bushfires NT Volunteer Bushfire Brigades are formed under regulations of the Bushfires Act.

This Act is supported and administered by Bushfires NT, whose mission is:

  • To protect Life, Property and the Environment from the threat of Wildfire
  • Bushfires NT is an NT Government Division, of the Department of Land Resource Management

Currently there are 22 Volunteer Bushfire Brigades across the Northern Territory all individually incorporated.

These Brigades together with Bushfires NT protect approximately 1.4 million square kilometres of the Northern Territory.