The South Australian Country Fire Service Volunteers Association

Represents the interests and welfare of Country Fire Service (CFS) Volunteers..

The CFSVA is established on legislation and has become a significant stakeholder within CFS, the SA Fire and Emergency Service Commission (SAFECOM) and the SA volunteer community.

The CFSVA represents the interest of CFS volunteer members through:

  • Political advocacy on all levels
    • Close liaison with the CFS Board and executive
    • Participation on CFS and SAFECOM committees
    • Nominating representative to the SAFECOM advisory board
    • Close liaison with the SASES Volunteer Association and the United Firefighters Union (SA)
    • Visiting CFSVA Branches and CFS groups and Brigades
    • Active communication through CFSVA Branches to groups and Brigades.

The CFSVA works to move the association towards its desired vision, and through the work of CFS volunteers achieve a safer South Australia.

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