ACT Volunteer Brigades Association

The inaugural meeting of the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades Association was held in 1984.

The role of the Association can be broken down into eight main areas :

  • Acts as a focal point for issues affecting all volunteer bushfire fighters in the A.C.T. (there are some 828 members on the various Brigade’s books).
  • Speaks on behalf of all A.C.T. volunteer bushfire fighters.
  • Lobbies politicians, bureaucrats & national/local organisations on issues relating to A.C.T. volunteer bushfire fighters.
  • Provides a forum for discussing improvements to fire management in the A.C.T.
  • Puts forward a joint and considered view to the Emergency Management Group and A.C.T. Government officials on equipment, training, planning and safety issues affecting A.C.T. volunteer bushfire fighters.
  • Publicises issues on behalf of A.C.T. volunteer bushfire fighters where and when necessary.
  • Organises public events (Field Days) to make the community more aware of the work done by volunteer bushfire fighters.
  • Avenue for transmission of practical suggestions from the people who actually put out a high percentage of the rural fires in the A.C.T.

Additionally the ACT Volunteer Brigades Association represents volunteer interests in regard to volunteer welfare/fairness and fundraising to support VBA activities such as sponsorship of volunteers to attend national emergency services forums and training opportunities.

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