The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades of WA

The advocacy agency for the state’s Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades and their volunteers. It is also recognized as the ‘prescribed association’ by the government of Western Australia.

The association has approximately 26,000 men and women who give their time freely to undertake training and to attend incidents with communities being reliant on them to protect life and property against many hazards including bushfires.

The mission of the AVBFB is to represent Bush Fire Brigade Volunteers and advocate for their optimum health, welfare, safety and recognition by:

• Being knowledgeable of and responsive to their needs

• Delivering transparent and accountable processes

• Developing relationships and alliances with stakeholders

• Being proactive and influential in decision making and policy development

The AVBFB formed a subcommittee the WA Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades Historical Group in 2007. This group was formed to collect and preserve all aspects of Bush fire brigades throughout the state.

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