Tasmania Retained Volunteer Firefighters Association [TRVFA]

Since the formation of the Tasmania Retained Volunteer Firefighters Association [TRVFA] on the 25th of February 1978 the TRVFA has played an important part in the development of the Tasmania Fire Service.

The objectives of the TRVFA are to consider and bring to the notice of the Tasmania Fire Service matters affecting the welfare of its brigades, members and the community they protect.

When first formed in 1978 meetings of the association were held to coincide with volunteer urban brigades “first officers”, meetings held in various parts of the state.

Until November 1995 the Association was known as the State Urban Volunteer Firefighters Association.

At the annual general meeting in November 1995 it was moved that the Association change its name to what it is known as today to the “Tasmania Retained Volunteer Firefighters Association”

For more information: http://www.trvfa.org.au/