The objectives of  the Council as set out in its Constitution are to:

(i) Assist the Volunteer Fire Brigade Entities and foster the interests of volunteer fire fighters in Australia through the sharing of information and networking;

(ii) Act as an advocate for its Members on issues that the Members agree are best resolved at the national level;

(iii)  Identify issues which may, as a consequence of national policy formation, impact directly or indirectly upon the membership of Volunteer Fire Brigade Entities;

(iv) With the consent of its Members, make comments and respresentations to AFAC or to any other entity considered necessary on issues affecting volunteer fire fighters;

(v) Appoint a delegate to the AEMVF and work with that body on issues affecting volunteer fire-fighters;

(vi) At the request of a Member, make representations on issues impacting volunteer fire fighters represented by that Member, in the State or Territory from which the Member is derived, provided that where there is more than one Member in a State or Territory, all Members from that State or Territory must agree to the representations being made; and

(vii) Carry out any other function consistent with the objectives of the Council.