CAVFA thanks volunteers during National Volunteer Week

The Council of Volunteer Fire Associations (CAVFA) this week pays tribute to the efforts of volunteers across Australia as we celebrate National Volunteer Week. Collectively CAVFA represents over 250,000 volunteer fire fighters across Australia. CAVFA Chairperson, Ken Middleton said this week’s celebration is a chance to recognise and acknowledge the critical role of emergency service volunteers. 

 “Australia owes a huge debt of gratitude to the thousands of volunteers from the nation’s fire services. 

 “Without volunteers emergency services would be severely stretched given the sheer size and varying terrain of our country. 

 “We rely on each and every volunteer to help keep our communities safe, not just from the threat of bush fire but in a range of emergencies including house and structure fires, road accidents and to provide assistance during other events such as storms and searches.” 

 Mr Middleton said volunteers across the country had faced a difficult fire season this past summer with devastating blazes in New South Wales and Victoria. 

“I want to thank all of the volunteers who spent long days and nights on the fire grounds to keep communities and property safe from harm’s way. “Incredibly many returned home from a night spent assisting at a fire to simply dress and be ready for their regular employment within a matter of hours. 

“Never once complaining or expecting any sort of recognition or compensation. 

“This week provides opportunity for the whole community to thank and acknowledge all volunteers for the amazing work that they do.” 

 This year, National Volunteer Week falls along the week 21-27 May 2018 with the theme: Give a little. Change a lot. 
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